Crafted premium flavoured syrups FT 

Hey, welcome to Nettari! As a proudly South African brand we derive cunning pleasure in formulating seriously premium quality syrups guaranteed to do a little tango with your taste buds. Our crafted artisan syrups contain only the best quality ingredients, which are locally produced and inspired by nature, naturally.

As a #Flavourista why not add a little Nettari to your next freshly brewed cup of coffee or transform desserts and cocktails into a rocking experience bound to get those tongues wagging! Nettari has raised the bar on quality ingredients and improved taste experience… and to be quite frank our syrups are simply awesome!

Comparably, it just tastes better.

Flavouristas recipes

This is the sweet spot right here! We’ve created a couple mad delicious recipes to razzle your taste-buds. Try these out for size!

And now the real fun begins! We want YOU, yes, YOU to become a #Flavourista! Simply submit your uniquely created, tried and tested, ultra delicious recipe. Give us all the juicy details and the best #Flavourista recipe that blows our socks off will be generously rewarded! C’mon, submit your winning recipe right HERE


The Nettari range

As a Barista, Mixologist or Chef we know your quest for quality ingredients is a non-negotiable. So rest assured our full spectrum range of premium hand-crafted, inspired by nature syrups will not disappoint. We have purposefully selected fruit concentrates and flavour extracts that have natural fruit fibres and oils visible to try to keep our syrups as true to the fruit, so shake it up! And start experimenting.

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